Tommi’s burger joint


Tommi‘s Burger Joint, was established in the early months of 2004 and opened the 10th of April that year by Tómas Tómasson, his sons Ingvi Týr Tómasson and Tómas Junior along with Örn Hreinsson, a.k.a. Öddi.

The first Burger Joint location in downtown Reykjavik was ideal. The building has a great characteristic, is full of charm and part of the old Reykjavik harbour area.

It became very quick popular. Due to popularity of the concept – simple burgers, crispy fries and a creamy milkshakes.

Now Tommi’s Burger Joint is a institution in the Icelandic restaurant culture.

But Iceland was not the final destination for Tommi and his crew. His tiny and cozy burger joints gained popularity all over Europe – London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Lyngby, Oslo and Rome.

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